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Our Service: For Employers


People are important to any business. Good people are invaluable, and the best people can transform an organisation.

At Newton Recruitment, we set out to understand who you are and how you are building the foundations of your human capital, we find the best and most appropriate candidate profiles in terms of your needs.

We are dedicated to ensuring the professional success of everyone we work with. Our success is measured by the success of those we recruit and those we recruit for.

We are recognized for our listening, understanding, knowledge, accuracy and speed. When working with Newton Recruitment, you will have viable ideas delivered quickly. In turn, we expect to participate fully in the development of our clients' human capital, to act as an adviser and to ensure that the teams we help build are going to be the most successful. We want to build success.

At the essence of a relationship between Newton Recruitment and a client is the awareness that the relationship is a partnership. Our services include sourcing the right candidate for the most senior board level appointment through to junior actuarial staff

We pride ourselves on our ability to identify and access the broadest qualified talent pools in an efficient and timely manner. Our approach is highly consultative and is informed by a depth of knowledge and experience. This enables our clients to make properly considered business decisions and to secure the best talent within a highly competitive landscape.

More than anything, throughout the agreement we never forget we are acting as an ambassador to your company.

To build on your greatest asset, Contact us to discuss the position(s) you wish to fill and the services that we can offer to meet your needs.

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